Magosaburo: Lava Sets and Lunch Sets

Magosaburo: Lava Sets and Lunch Sets

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Steak. WAGYU Steak. And tongue that melts on tongue...

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Magosaburo is a Japanese restaurant and wine bar whose specialty is Wagyu beef cooked on lava stones. Located at the Fort Pointe 2 Building (home of Early Bird Breakfast Club and URBN Bar and Kitchen), it's a high-end place better known for their degustation meals.

An impressive minimalist facade greets you before you enter its massive doors and gaze upon the modern industrial interiors. Numerous drop lights highlight the etching of its name in concrete high above. The dining furniture is all leather and wood, immaculate in terms of order and cleanliness. To the right are a couple of wine dispensers which allow you to sample their vino collection.

The second floor holds a couple of function rooms, while the third floor is the Mago Wine Lounge, which holds a Jazz Night Wine Buffet every Wednesday night for only P900++.


The steaks here at Magosaburo are cooked on lava stones, allowing them to be very tender and flavorful at the same time.

Each lava set is already a complete set meal for two which includes:
  • small appetizer (3 kinds assorted Namuru OR 3 kinds assorted Kimchi)
  • salad (Luxury Green Salad OR California Salad)
  • appetizer (Cream Cheese Tofu OR Oxtail Omelet)
  • soup (Clam Soup OR Spicy Vegetable Soup)
  • rice (Cheese Curry Rice in Stone Bowl OR Chicken Rice in Stone Bowl)
Choices for the lava set are the following:
  • Assorted Kurobuta and Chicken Yakiniku Palette (P3,000)
  • Assorted Wagyu Steak Palette (P3,600)
  • Assorted Japanese Wagyu Steak Palette (P6,200)

Magosaburo Three Kinds of Namuru
Three Kinds of Namuru

Namuru is pickled vegetables, and these little acidulous treats tend to whet the appetite.

Magosaburo Luxury Green Salad
Luxury Green Salad

That is black truffle, yes, and the Luxury Green Salad sports a copious amount of its shavings.

Magosaburo Cream Cheese Tofu
Cream Cheese Tofu

If you're not planning to get a lava set, at least order this Cream Cheese Tofu ala carte. Spread some of this silky and really creamy tofu on a piece of crostini, add a dash of pink Himalayan salt, and cue the oohs and ahhs.

Magosaburo Spicy Soup of Vegetable and Oxtail
Spicy Vegetable Soup

Somewhere in this Spicy Vegetable Soup, there are bean sprouts, enoki mushrooms (?), thin slices of beef, and some greens, all bathing in a comforting broth that has a right amount of kick.

Magosaburo Cheese Curry Rice
Cheese Curry Rice

The Cheese Curry Rice has a pronounced curry taste; a little heat married with some oozing cheese. Mix it all together, and you might almost forget you still have some pretty good steaks waiting with your name on them.

Magosaburo Short Rib, Ox Tongue, and Wagyu Sirloin
Assorted Japanese Wagyu Steak Palette: Special Prime Short Rib, Special Prime Ox Tongue, and Japanese Wagyu Sirloin (P6,200)

Magosaburo Special Prime Ox Tongue
Special Prime Ox Tongue

Magosaburo Special Prime Short Rib and Japanese Wagyu Sirloin
Special Prime Short Rib and Japanese Wagyu Sirloin

These are all deliriously good!!! Just by looking at those droolworthy marbling, your mouth starts to water in anticipation, and the end result doesn't disappoint. Every piece just melts in between your tongue and palate. Even the ox tongue, which I'm not usually fond of, had me singing praises. I wanted to cry when I finally took my last piece, and savor each bite I really did.

There are three dipping sauces available for the steaks: steak sauce, soy sauce foam, and Himalayan pink salt. I did try all, but frankly, you wouldn't need any of them for these ambrosial pieces of meat are already excellent on their own. Dipping them into some sauce is just plain sacrilege.


If burning a hole in your pocket makes you wary of dropping by Magosaburo for a visit, their lunch sets may just change your mind. With prices ranging from P420 to P720, you get value for money while enjoying their sumptuous Japanese dishes.

Magosaburo Lunch Set appetizers
Lunch Set Appetizers

Magosaburo Lunch Set kimchi

Each lunch set includes a generous amount of side dishes such as:
  • salad
  • small appetizer
  • chawanmushi (egg custard)
  • meat and potato stew
  • kimchi
  • steamed rice
  • miso soup
As for the main dish, you have a choice of:
  • Tofu and Vegetable Spicy Soup (P420)
  • Assorted Tempura (P480)
  • Hamburger Steak (P620)
  • Wagyu Tri-tip Steak with Garlic (P650)
  • Tomato Sukiyaki (P720)
  • Assorted Yakiniku (P720)

Magosaburo Tempura
Tempura (P480)

The Tempura is an assortment of prawns, fish, Shiitake mushroom, and vegetables. Having a light batter and being not at all oily make for a pretty good tempura.

Magosaburo Hamburger Steak
Hamburger Steak (P620)

The Hamburger Steak is another favorite with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I'm not a burger person; it's rare that I find something I like, so when I say I enjoy a particular one, that's saying a lot.

Magosaburo Tomato Sukiyaki
Tomato Sukiyaki (P720)

If you love a good Sukiyaki like I do, get this Tomato Sukiyaki. Thin slices of beef, along with tomatoes and cabbage, lay in a heap amid a sweet umami broth that will have you slurping your manners away. Dip it into the beaten frothy egg for an enhanced depth of flavor.

Magosaburo Kurobuta, Chuck Roll, and Outside Skirt
Assorted Yakiniku: Kurobuta Loin, Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll, and Outside Skirt (P720)

Magosaburo Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll
Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll

Magosaburo Kurobuta Loin and Outside Skirt
Kurobuta Loin and Outside Skirt

While not as melt-in-your-mouth good as the Wagyu set, each type of meat is still tender and holds enough flavor for you to enjoy each bite. These are cooked on lava stones as well.

Magosaburo Dessert Platter
Dessert Platter (P380 for 3 desserts)

End everything with a dessert platter (yes, we all have a separate stomach for dessert). It consists of three desserts that may vary daily. They made us try six: Coconut Blanc Mange, Rare Cheesecake Tart, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Earl Grey Crème Brûlée, Japanese Cheesecake, and Fresh Grapefruit Jelly. While I also enjoyed the Chocolate Cake with the strawberry on top and that unique grapefruit jelly, the Earl Grey Crème Brûlée was my favorite among the group.

So if you want to take your special someone somewhere nice, and make him/her melt together with that piece of Wagyu, you can't go wrong with Magosaburo; it will definitely impress. And for those days in between occasions, their lunch sets will seal the deal.

Spot: G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg., The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact No.: 856.0795
Facebook: magosaburoph


Didi said...

OMF Gosh.. look at the marbling!! Grabe!! :) I haven't seen that good of a marbling here in the country!! WOW!! Nakakaexcite!

The best marbling that I've seen is in Osaka.. (sorry nag post pa ako, but look at the marbling! Nakakaluha and nakakaimpress at the same time diba?

I can just imagine how good it tasted!!


love, Didi

Guia Obsum said...

Hi Didi! Yes, hehe. The marbling is really pretty, each time the meat melts in your mouth, you'd want to cry in happiness. :)

I love your marbled meats photo in Osaka... *drool*

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you again here. :)

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