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Rich Dad Quotes

Rich Dad Quotes

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pin It "People who try to become rich by being cheap are people who often try to live below their means, rather than finding ways to expand their means."

- Rich Dad (The Business School
For People Who Like Helping People
by Robert Kiyosaki)

This could not be more true. Although written for a book about the values of a network marketing business, I'd like to point out one more area of its importance.

I believe that it's better for you to find ways to improve, to expand and to grow rather than forcing yourself to live within the confines of your limitations and weaknesses, don't you think. Personally, I feel that in order to have abundance in your life, you should feel and live abundantly. This is not to say that you should waste money nor be careless of your finances, but if you live your life always with the mindset that you have to do some penny pinching in order to survive, chances are, you'll be penny pinching all your life until you change the way you think. More often than not, being cheap will not make you rich but will only leave you feeling poor, and that feeling and way of thinking will continue to manifest in your life, entangling you in a vicious cycle. It all boils down to the same law that governs everything, the Law of Attraction.

You need not feel guilty with a little shopping splurge once in a while if that would make you feel good and boost your morale. The key is to think about shopping in a different light. Instead of seeing it merely as an expense, try to think of it as an investment for self-confidence and self-improvement. Let's say for example you dream about being a businessman successful enough to associate with other tycoons, would you be able to do that wearing a t-shirt and jeans? I think not, so you go ahead and buy a classy outfit that would be more appropriate for the occasion, right? And going ahead and buying that dress leaves you feeling happier, more confident and those positive feelings will then retain in your mind, which in turn will help in the manifestation of your dream, hence Power of Positive Thinking and still the Law of Attraction.

How about a mother who's also a career woman, a wife and homemaker. Everyday she juggles her work, her chores, her wifely duties and attending to her children's needs. There's a saying that for you to love others, you first have to love yourself. In order for you to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Instead of feeling guilty in occupying an hour or two in one's week for some R&R or a visit to the spa, view it as an investment which makes you feel good and happy, and therefore, you have the positive energy to fill up once more your love jar, enabling you to once again attend to your family and work, refreshed and renewed.

And so all this "spending" can be positive, by thinking of it as unquantifiable investments. And when you do think of it this way, you will begin to see the importance of expanding your means to accomodate these necessary expenditures rather than depriving yourself of these, robbing you of a life you deserve.
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Neil1203 said...


I couldn't agree more with this. If you get rich by penny pinching you will never be free of this attitude. You will become one of those people that die in apparent poverty leaving millions in their will. Not really the point of having money (in my opinion).


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Anonymous said...


I've just added your link to - many thanks.


Unknown said...

hi there. I definitely believe in this. I was also introduced to the Law of Attraction =)

Becki said...

So very true! But I could never have summarized it so well ;)

Pinoy Blogger said...

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