Lazada Philippines
July 2009

Something Different and Something Familiar in Las Paellas

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've eaten in Las Paellas a fair number of times and I would just like to share more of their dishes that I've tried.
Las Paellas Cafe
Their Teriyaki Chicken (P195) is your typical, run-of-the-mill Asian version of a chicken. The sweet sauce is good although the chicken could have been less charred.
Las Paellas teriyaki chicken
The Prawns A La Parilla (P285) were better in taste, although I expected at least three pieces of prawns for the price. Nonetheless, you could not go wrong with pan-grilled prawns in lemon butter sauce. I've always loved shrimps drenched in lemon butter, and this dish leaves me craving for more.
Las Paellas prawns ala parilla
These pictures were taken from the Las Paellas branch in BF Homes. One thing I noticed though, was that they lacked garnishing on their food. Like with the Oysters Rockefeller (P215), the oysters were simply presented in a plate, very much unlike the one we had in the Festival branch (click here to see picture) where there was a slice of lemon smacked in the middle and I'm not sure if the green garnishings were parsley, but it made the dish much more appetizing.
Las Paellas oysters rockefeller2
The same goes for the Salpicao (P245). The one in the Festival branch had buttered corn and steamed vegetables on the side (click here to see picture), which really enhanced the dish, while this one in BF had none. I'm not sure though if they had just no stock of spices and vegetables that day or if they really present the food in a plain and undecorated way.
Las Paellas salpicao2
The dishes themselves were good though, so decorations or no decorations, this restaurant is still good enough for a second or third or fourth visit.
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