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About Me

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My name is Guia Obsum. I am first and foremost a mother of two. I sporadically type away things or events that pique my interest as of the moment. I am a food lover. 

What started as a board for my views and opinions about a smorgasbord of topics slowly treads a path of food and dining chronicles. There will still be instances of musings and mullings, and opinions about certain issues, albeit rare. Most of all, it has become a gallery for a persistent interest in getting a shot of every circumstance, with food as the author's favorite photo subject, though yet to be perfected, a conscious effort towards improvement, nonetheless.

Food Reviews Manila is an honest take on gastronomical delights from gourmet to street food and everything in between. My food reviews are my own, personal opinions and are not intended to harm, malign or defame any one or any entity. It may be brutal at times, depending on my experience, but an honest review just the same.

As you may have noticed, some restaurants I've put in the lime light on more than one occasion, just because I've visited again and have decided to try out their other offerings as well. As much as I would hope to cover more restaurants in the future, this blog is by no means an official restaurant guide, and should be taken as just another suggestion to your growing list of dining and food options. Another taste bud if you will. 

Perhaps brought about by personal experiences wherein some people are rather more adventurous in ordering than others, I aim to point out other choices on the menu. The people in my family are what you can call conservative diners. It's a rare occasion that they try out something new to delight their appetite. And so seeing as this condition in not only contained in our family, I geared towards spurting out food reviews after food reviews to help alleviate the tendency to order "the usual". 

Still, aside from being an outlet for my passion for eating, blogging has its perks from a financial standpoint, so please pardon the cluttered advertisements.

That said, join me as I munch on Manila's food, one restaurant and food stall at a time.

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