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Jamba Juice -- Now Blending!

Jamba Juice -- Now Blending!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pin It Jamba Juice Carribean Passion and Chocolate Moo'd
Everyone's gone crazy over Jamba Juice...

Jamba Juice interiors
A new craze has hit Manila, thanks to Max's group of companies. After the coffee places, the doughnut shops, the frozen yogurts, the cupcake purveyors, and the milk tea bars, the wave has gone a notch healthier -- smoothies! I first read about it in Anton's blog, one of the brand ambassadors of Jamba Juice. I headed out to the flagship store (they plan to open a lot more branches!) in Bonifacio High Street Central. Just beyond the entrance, I was greeted by the end of a very long line of thirsty pilgrims. I felt a sense of dread as I mentally estimated how long it would take for me to finally have my first sip. It wasn't too long at all (plus points!) before it was my turn giving the very hospitable and quite cheerful crew my preference for that afternoon.

Jamba Juice sayings
A few things about Jamba Juice -- it offers healthy smoothies, freshly-squeezed juices, parfaits, oatmeal as well as healthy snacks like flatbreads and wraps. It's actually nice that they don't put a lot of ice that make other smoothies miss the mark. With Jamba Juice, you actually get to taste the main ingredients. Perhaps one of the chief contributing factors as to why their smoothies taste fresh and great is because they get their fruits from the best source countries. Aside from this, they use non-fat yogurt or sherbet to maintain their healthy track.

Jamba Juice interiors 2
While waiting for my drinks, I browsed through the shelves which displayed Jamba Juice-branded items like water bottles, sports bottles, tall plastic glasses and balls. Near the counter was a glass case containing snacks like pretzels and waffles. Beneath it, bottled water and soda cans sit in rows. What caught my eye though was the big touch screen on the other corner of the room, featuring a live photobooth wherein you and your friends can capture souvenir photos of your Jamba Juice experience and have it sent to your e-mail. How cool is that?

Jamba Juice orders
I heard my name being called and so excitedly, I grabbed my two orders, one of which is the Caribbean Passion Classic Smoothie (P135). It was a mixture of passion fruit, mangoes, strawberries, peaches and orange sherbet. As I imbibed the smoothie, a strong tart flavor hit my mouth like a tidal wave. The fusion of the fruits left you deciphering where one taste ended and the other began, all to no avail. As I took a couple more swigs, it left me feeling light, heightening my senses to the feeling of supping something truly healthy.

My other drink was quite the opposite in terms of flavor. The Chocolate Moo'd (P150), which had a chocolate base and frozen yogurt, was sweet but not cloyingly so. Reminiscent of a favorite chocolate milk that has a thin viscosity and none of the saccharine taste, it's a great way to satiate a thirsty sweet tooth. Very much satisfied with my initial beverage choices, I look forward to trying more of their stuff.

Jamba Juice
Spot: 7th Avenue cor. 29th South, Bonifacio High Street, BGC (across R.O.X.)
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J said...

Wow may Jamba Juice na rin sa Pinas!

Guia Obsum said...

Hehe, yes! They just opened the other day! :)

Gita Asuncion said...

wow, this looks so refreshing! havent tried it yet. mapuntahan nga sa BHS.. thanks for sharing this!

peachkins said...

I'll wait for nearby branch to open...

It'sBeryllicious said...

Can't wait to try jamba juice! :)

Sumi Go said...

I've been wanting to try Jamba Juice, but Taguig is just too far from my place.. >.< I guess I'll have to wait for a branch to open somewhere in QC.. :)

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