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B Hotel's Breakfast Buffet

B Hotel's Breakfast Buffet

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Good morning!

Prime Cafe

When you check in at B Hotel in Alabang, your overnight stay already comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet for two. Drinks such as juice, milk, coffee and tea are included. If you're not an in-house guest, you can still avail of their breakfast buffet for only P450.

You can start your breakfast with some bread and butter (see cover photo); the station is sometimes near the buffet area, or if you can't find it there, try looking for it near the pastry corner.

B Hotel Breakfast Omelette and Arroz Caldo
Eggs and Arroz Caldo

B Hotel Salad, Cheese and Cold Cuts
Mixed Organic Green Salad with Condiments, Cold Cuts and Cheese

B Hotel Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs

B Hotel breakfast dishes 1
Pancakes, Pork and Beans, Bangus Belly, Pancit

B Hotel breakfast cereals

There's a melange of dishes guaranteed to satisfyingly break your fast, like the cereals with milk that my kids enjoyed, too. This is situated by the bar, in case you're wondering.

B Hotel breakfast desserts
Fresh Fruits and Cakes

Of course, even breakfast has to have its desserts. There are fresh fruits and cakes for people with a sweet tooth.

B Hotel breakfast drinks
Mango Juice and Coffee

The second time we had breakfast, apart from the bread and butter station, arroz caldo, salads, and cereals, they served a different set of viands. Since some of their guests stay for more than a night, they had to whip up different comestibles so the diners would have various choices every day.

B Hotel breakfast dishes 2
Clockwise from top left: Bread Pudding with Maple Syrup, Vegetable Omelet, Fish Fillet in Teriyaki Sauce, Sliced Ham with Pineapple Glazed Sauce

B Hotel Garlic Buttered Mushrooms
Garlic Buttered Mushrooms

B Hotel Spicy Tuna Penne
Spicy Tuna Penne

I love the Spicy Tuna Penne! I have a thing for spicy tuna; I usually make carbonara pasta for my husband before with some spicy tuna thrown in, so unsurprisingly, I did get a hefty serving of this.

Oh, and did I mention that you can order some bacon? Just ask the server for some, and tell him how you like it, and he'll happily serve your bacon platter after a few minutes.

The food is limited but good, keeping in line with their aim to provide an uncomplicated menu with familiar dishes for their business traveler guests and the rest of their dining clientele.

Prime Café
Spot: Ground Floor B Hotel, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa
Contact No.: 828.8181
Email: or
Facebook: b.hotel.alabang
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