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Kashi Makis from My Pink Wasabi

Kashi Makis from My Pink Wasabi

Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Kashi Makis -- charming, little desserts formed to resemble maki or sushi rolls.

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Makis pack
A couple of months ago, I had my first encounter with these eye-catching, sweet rolls. Actually it was more like a teaser. Let me explain. You see, I love sashimi and sushi, my favorite of which is the rolled one or the Japanese maki; heck, I even love Korean maki or what they call kimbap. So imagine my delight and fascination when I heard about and saw these little maki-inspired desserts. How quaint... and how ingenious!

When I attended a food event that had My Pink Wasabi on their roster of food purveyors, I was excited -- excitement that was short-lived as I only got to nip on a tiny sample of Midnight Mint. That totally left me hankering for more of those intriguing pastries.

Finally I had my chance. Whatever little delibation I've had on that initial experience, I more than made up for when I ordered two of the 15-pc party trays P770 (which I got for half the price, thanks to eBay's Kuponan deals).

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Makis pack 3
I started my gastronomic episode with the Oolong Berry. I bit into the soft, cylindrical white chocolate shell and was greeted with a white chocolate truffle enclosed in almond cake. The strawberry roe that lie on the crest attract and tantalize, easily making this one of my favorites. Next is a chocolate cake encrusted with toasted nuts, aptly named Choco Loco. Its center is a mixture of cashew nut paste and Belgian milk chocolate ganache, a treat for the avid nut and choco lover, though a bit too much for me. Gratefully, my next bite, Lemony P., cut through the choco nutty taste and provided a nice, clean tangy lemon flavor. I peer at the star-shaped lemon curd that sits atop this pistachio-enrobed cake, as I relish the echoing crunch of each pistachio nutty bite.

I then gravitate towards the White Matcha with its white chocolate tablet roosted at the top of another pistachio cake that embraces a luscious white Belgian chocolate. My taste bud searches for the green tea but the nuts overwhelm my palate enough for me to miss out on its infused flavor. I pick up yet another pistachio cake, this time cocooned in a sheath of coconut flakes. Called Coconut Dream, the smooth coconut white chocolate ganache dances with the tongue, the flakes providing texture (albeit too much sometimes) as I protractedly nibble on the piece of pistachio at the crown. The Cookie Kiss is reminiscent of the Black Forest cake with cherries and Chantilly cream hidden in a capsule of chocolate cake. I failed to recognize the crushed cookies that supposedly enwraps this kashi maki as what I've come across is just a soft, fluffy dark chocolate sponge, though hey, I'm not complaining.

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Makis plated
A hardened web of chocolate encloses a pistachio sponge infused with amarula liquor and a hint of coffee; this new flavor baptized as Marula also has milk chocolate ganache for a heart. The liquor teases and the coffee soothes the palate, a reciprocity of flavors that is gladly welcome for an ardent liqueur-infused chocolate aficionado like me.

Ahhh, my ultimate favorite, Midnight Mint. Imagine dark mint chocolate truffle (cue in the oohs!), enshrouded in velvety soft chocolate cake and dusted with cocoa powder. Brown on brown on utterly luxurious brown. Then a few tiny green balls of mint roe perch at the pinnacle, tempting, calling out to my propensity for mint in chocolates. I allow it to seduce me before I finally revel in its sybaritic nature.

With the variety of flavors tinctured in these adorable Japanese-inspired treats, it would simply be hard not to find a favorite or two. Or three.

My Pink Wasabi
Spot: Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City and 49 Elisco Rd. Kalawaan Sur, Pasig City
Contact Nos.: 0906-2102966
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Stella said...

This post is mouthwatering! I already have a long list of desserts to try! :)

Anonymous said...

this is a really great concept, I love its name as well

ayala land premier said...

lol i have to admit my brain spazed out when I saw those would be sushi rolls. That's quite an innovative look for cakes.

Where can we get those in manila? Those look like an ideal give away for christmas
-bianca from Ayala Land

peachkins said...

I love eveything!

Guia Obsum said...

@bianca: you can call up the number here in the post for orders or you can get them at Mercato Centrale. :)

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OMG Looks very tasty , yummy
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