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Kimbap Mokja!

Kimbap Mokja!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I was in the mood for some kimbap so I had my mother buy some for me when she went to the American Women's Bazaar in World Trade Center with my aunt. There was a food booth selling Korean snack staples like kimchi, chapchae and kimbap. I saw the booth several months back, and since the bazaar was only held once a month, I was hoping they'd be there again. Lo and behold, bless the Korean gods for allowing me to have my kimbap fix. Kamsa hamnida!

Kimbap 3
A bit of background -- Kimbap is the Korean version of sushi or rice rolls. It literally means seaweed (kim) and rice (bap). Unlike sushi, which you eat with chopsticks, kimbap is more of a picnic food or snack which you eat with your hands. The typical fillings for kimbap are seasoned vegetables, meat and egg. In this particular version, the kimbap (P100) is filled with spam, cucumber, pickled raddish, carrots and omelette. Others even have spinach, crab meat and bulgogi or Korean beef.

Kimbap 2
As I opened the container, ten little colorful rolls greeted at me, displaying bite-sized portions of a balanced meal. The pretty picture held me in place as I deliberately tried to block out its not so aromatic smell. Different layers of flavor cleaved onto my palate as soon as I sneaked one roll into my mouth. The crunch of the cucumber and carrots provided a nice appetizer for the entree that was spam and omelette. But my favorite part was biting into that pickled radish. Sweet with a hint of acidity, it gave a nice ending to the orchestra of gustatory sensation.

A bit of a side note -- I haven't a wide range of Korean dining experience so my take on this particular version does have a limited basis of comparison. That said, I still enjoyed its sapidity, and I look forward to trying out more variations of these rice rolls. Anybody know of a good Korean place in the South?

My title translates to "Let's eat kimbap!". And now I will.


Gita Asuncion said...

you take such fabulous pics! sarap! the food looks just as great as it tastes, im sure.

entrepgirl said...

hehe, thanks Gita! :)

peachkins said...

Now, I wanna pick-up one of those yummy kimbap!

My Sassy Chef said...

You just made me crave for kimbap again! I have a half-Korean friend who always brings this for us before, gosh I want them now! :)

Thanks so much for dropping by Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews!♥

maiylah said...

yummy yummy shots! am hungry all over again! :P

thanks so much for visiting!
much appreciated :)

Dewi said...

We have a Korean station at our office cafeteria. I eat a lot of Kimbap for lunch. I love it!

Thanks for visiting!

The Twerp and I

Chew On This said...

I wish you could try their cajun chicken kimbap. ^_^ I love the way you described the food :) hoping to read more in the future :)

Guia Obsum said...

thanks guys! :)

Kim, USA said...

That is yummy!!


oggi said...

That looks delicious.

Thanks for this as I'm preparing a few Korean bento dishes for a future post. Great timing.:)

Boy Takaw said...

Kimbap! I used to tell my Korean students that my teaching powers become stronger when I eat Kimbap so they often prepare this for me. Haha

Guia Obsum said...

@Boy Takaw: you know how to speak Korean? I wanna learn that language. Para kasing malambing yung dating, sarap pakinggan, hehe! :)

Allen said...

I like your photos! I usually buy my kimbab from MR Kimbab but this looks like a better version! I'll try this one soon! :D

Guia Obsum said...

@allen: thank you! glad you appreciate them. :)

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