Blizzard in the Summer

Blizzard in the Summer

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was walking as fast as any mother hauling a 5 yr old daughter with one arm and carrying a bag full of groceries in the other, could. I was pressed for time and I wasn't even done with half of my to-do list for the day. Even in the confines of an air conditioned mall, I cannot seem to escape the scorching heat of summer (the fact that I've been dashing around doesn't help either). I thought now's a good time as any to get me a nice and cold Blizzard ice cream.
Blizzard interior
Too lazy to whip up an original creation, I scanned their menu for the regular flavors. Oreo? nope. Banana Split? nope. Strawberry Banana? hmmm, doable. Chocolate chips? too ordinary. Mud Pie? sounds too chocolatey. Brownie Temptation? too brownie-y. Kit kat? nah! M&M's? so-so. Butterfinger? too sweet. Caramel Cashew? sounds yummy. Chocolate Coated Strawberry? perfect! And so I placed my order, gave the man my payment, waited for the lady to grind the chocolate and strawberry, and watched her turn the cup upside down - as was their usual style - to show that the ice cream doesn't melt right away, hence, Blizzard cold.
Blizzard chocolate coated strawberry
The ordinary flavors go for P65 for a 9 oz cup, P75 for a 12 oz cup and P85 for a 16 oz cup. The special flavors go for P79, P99 and P119 for the three different sizes. To beat the heat, they offer two new summer flavors, Mango Pleasure which has mango and toasted coconut, and Almond Pleasure which has almond, chocolate and toasted coconut. Tropical Delights that will make you forget summer for about 8 minutes (the time it takes for you to finish a 16 0z cup).
Blizzard summer flavors
Dairy Queen
Spot: 2nd floor New Wing, Alabang Town Center


Myfanwy said...

Yum, yum. I found your site via the SlogBite game.

backpacking philippines said...

i love blizzard! :P

Shalum said...

did you try the torta and the macarons? how were they?

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