Pastries Galore

Pastries Galore

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strolling through the Power Plant's ground floor, flanked by streams of restaurants, I chance upon several booths being set up. People were putting some pastry goodies on the cloth-covered tables, arranging delicacies from breads to cupcakes and cookies, each mouth watering and very tempting. Naturally, I stop and begin to flutter from table to table, scrutinizing the goodies laid out in front of me.

Russian Cookie House
Among them is The Russian Cookie House, offering homemade Russian and Pistachio cookies, Jan Hagel and biscotti.
Russian Cookie House gift boxes
Russian Cookie House long gift boxes
Russian Cookie House biscotti
The Russian Cookie House
Spot: Cucina Victoria Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati
Telephone: +632 896.5707 / +632 897.1115 / +63917 895.2863

Another is the Empire which sells macarons of different flavors at P30 per piece / P350 a dozen. They have white chocolate, mocha, chocolate, cookies and cream, lemon, pistachio, blueberry, strawberry, triple chocolate, hazelnut ganache, chocolate-strawberry, caramel-pecan and mango chocolate rum. They also sell cheesecake balls which go for P30 per piece / P270 a box of 9 pcs. in the original flavors of chocolate, black and white, strawberry white chocolate, sprinkles and walnut chunk. The premium flavors consisting of almond chunk, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, coffee bean and caramel go for P35 per piece / P315 a box of 9 pcs. The cheesecake bites, on the other hand, are available in all premium and original flavors at P240 per box of 15 pcs.
Empire macarons
Empire cheesecake balls
The Empire also makes wedding, party and corporate giveaways. They have macarons in a classic box tied with a ribbon in the color of your choice. They offer free delivery within Metro Manila for a minimum of 15 boxes, or P150 delivery fee for Quezon City, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati, Taguig and Pasay areas.

Telephone: +632 467.1995 / +63917 886.1190
Contact person: Georgia

Sweet Life signage
The Sweet Life by Ange offers couture cupcakes (P660 a dozen), cakes and cookies:

Marie Antoinette - vanilla cupcakes with Tequila Rose Buttercream (available in virgin as well)
Chanel - moist chocolate cupcakes with Valrhona Buttercream
Satine - red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Sugar Daddy - moist chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's Buttercream
Tres' Chic - vanilla cupcakes with Valrhona Buttercream
Moulin Rouge heart (P725) - Moist Red Velvet Cake layered with a delectable Cream Cheese Frosting and finished off with chocolate hearts
Chocolate Lust 9" round (P850) heart (P650) - a divine Bailey's-infused Dark Chocolate Mousse that rests on a flourless chocolate base, cloaked in a rich chocolate ganache
Brazo de Mercedes 7"x11" (P575) 4"x8" (P325) - a melange of soft meringue, custard and French Vanilla ice cream on a graham cracker crust
Cheesecake Fantasy Cookies (P160) - chewy, melt-in-your-mouth Cheesecake-flavored cookies
Sweet Life cookies
Sweet Life cupcakes
In line with the upcoming Easter Sunday, they're also selling candy cookies shaped in Easter eggs and bunnies. Great treats for kids young and old, yummy too, at least according to my daughter.
Sweet Life easter cookies
The Sweet Life by Ange
Cellphone: +63917 823.8198
Telephone: +632 815.0188 / +632 401.2609 / +632 752.8692
E-mail: [email protected]

San Lo's Famous
And last, but definitely, definitely not the least, San Lo's Famous Empanadas, box of 6 (P390) box of 12 (P780). They have 5 varieties of it, Pastel de Pollo, Jamon Y Queso, Callos A La Madrilena, Carne Norte and Atun (Tuna). At P65 a piece, I was definitely skeptical about purchasing even one, it was too pricey for a piece of stuffed bread. But my mom was set on buying, and got half a dozen of them. Good thing too, as soon as we got in the car, I handed my mom a piece and took a bite myself. The soft, buttery crust with the overflowing filling suddenly erased all my hesitations in spending more than usual for this. As if the flavorful and generous filling isn't enough, just the crust alone can satiate your hunger. I have not tasted a crust so luscious that I don't mind having to eat it at the end, until now. At P65 a piece, it was worth every peso, even if just for the feeling of contentment each bite imparts. Now this is comfort food.
San Lo's empanadas
Aside from that, they also have tortas in original and queso de bola flavors; cakes such as Mango Famous Cake, Pineapple Upside-down Cake, Sansrival, Fudge Chocolate Cake; and even embutido.
San Lo's original torta
San Lo's queso de bola torta
San Lo's pineapple cake
San Lo's Famous
Spot: Petron Station Dasmarinas Village, Makati
Cellphone: +63915 904.2631
Telephone: +632 844.2853
Contact Person: Ana


MrsLavendula said...

san lo's empanadas are reeeaallly good! i agree with you that the crust alone is delicious!

their tortas are good too, i prefer the one's topped with quezo de bola and bought a couple of boxes last xmas to give as gifts and the recipients were more than happy to get them =) you could actually ask them to fill the box both with the plain and the quezo de bola variety.

great pics! you got me craving...

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

The torta frim San Lo's looks yummy!

Fetra said...

wow...its a very nice post....keep posting....pls
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Leslie said...

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Enchie said...

I need this, I was looking for some giveaways for the kids for easter. Thanks!

George Rocha said...

Thank you for your post on Empire, I really appreciate it. Hope I can meet you in person in case you pass by the booth again. We'll be there for the first 3 weekends of May :)

George Rocha said...

Thank you for your post on Empire, I really appreciate it. Hope I can meet you in person in case you pass by the booth again. We'll be there for the first 3 weekends of May :)

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