Tender Bob's Greenbelt

Tender Bob's Greenbelt

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Valentine's, my hubby treated me to the classic, romantic date. An early dinner, dessert, and a movie, complete with a unique colored rose and a souvenir photo op to boot. It was the best Valentine's date, mainly attributed to the fact that my hubby welcomed and conformed to my every whim.

We decided to have steak so off we went to Tender Bob's at Greenbelt 2. We had the Onion Rings (P140) for appetizers. I love the fact that the onion was tender enough to cut with your teeth for each bite, thus making you avoid having a thread of onion hanging at the corner of your mouth. It was also sweet, and the breading did not taste like flour paste. The dip which tasted like a cross between sour cream and tartar, was quite tasty and complemented the rings really well.

We then ordered our steak, the Ribeye Steak (P260 5oz; P475 10oz.), which was cooked perfectly. We like ours medium well, and we hate seeing beef blood in the center. It was so juicy and tender, even at its almost well-done state, very much worth the price. Heck, you'd even be willing to pay more for it as some steak houses offer a less seasoned (or more rubbery) meat at a steeper price.

We also ordered the Baby Back Ribs (P350 - P470), and we were very happy with it as well. It had the juicy, fall-off-the bone meat that you would expect from a good piece of ribs. And the sauce, though on the sweet side, balanced out the seasoning of the ribeye steak. The only thing I didn't like was the java rice. It was too dry for my taste and so I just finished off the mashed potatoes that came with the steak.

All in all, it was quite a very satisfying meal and a good start for our fantastic date.


Anonymous said...


Aer Conditionat said...

Those onion rings look delicious. And the baby back ribs made me crave for them. I guess I would have liked the java rice. I love rice a lot regardless of the cooking. Thanks for sharing.

[pinkc00kies] said...

the ribs and steak look so yummy!

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