Burgoo @ The Power Plant

Burgoo @ The Power Plant

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burgoo Grilled Lamb
Burgoo is a lot like Friday's -- American food with American family-sized servings.

Burgoo menu
Quite unknown to many (even to me until recently), Burgoo is actually a stew dish made from a hodgepodge of ingredients. Essentially, it is a coalescence of at least 3 components: (1) the meat, which can be beef, pork, chicken or even venison and mutton, (2) the vegetables such as potatoes, lima beans, okra and corn, and (3) the thickening agent like cornmeal, potato starch, whole wheat or ground beans. Today's post however focuses on Burgoo's (the restaurant) other American style food apart from their eponymous dish.

Burgoo Grilled Steak Ala Pobre
Let's start with the Grilled Steak Ala Pobre (P595). Fragments of beef tangled with dices of mushroom frolic in a carpet of oil bespangled with garlic. It's garlicky taste tickles the tongue, its tender beef soothes and comforts one minute and enlivens the palate the next. A scoop of mashed potato with a smooth and slightly creamy texture is ameliorated by the garlic bits as well.

Burgoo Chicken Steak
The Chicken Steak (P375) comprises three fillets, its meat charred where grill marks are eminent in its striations. Varying shades of golden yellow paint each grain of rice, a heap of which is juxtaposed with the fillet that is dabbled with onion mushroom gravy and sprinkled with herbs. The poultry was submissive to a knife's slice, though it was mainly due to its macilent meat more so than its tenderness.

Burgoo Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs
I love a good steak sauce, but spare me the overly acidulous ones. I prefer the smoky barbecue style with a tinge of sweetness such as honey. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs (P595) was swathed in a dark brown marinade that shouts acerbity; my only salvation was a globe of slightly vapid mashed potatoes cloaked with a light brown hue of gravy.

Burgoo Grilled Lamb 2
Don't let this large piece of meat fool you. Take away the bones and flimsy fat, and you'll be left with an inadequate amount of lamb meat. I say inadequate because the Grilled Lamb (P595) is one uber juicy morsel with which you'd have a hard time restraining yourself from consuming, and hankering for another (hopefully bigger) portion. As you bite into the lamb, all the juices from the meat infused with the rosemary seasoning just flow like floodgates being opened, straight into your mouth. It's an orchestra of hefty flavors; a glorious carnivorous celebration.

Spot: 3rd/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati
Contact Nos.: 898-1815 to 17
Website: burgoo.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/Burgoo.ph


Gita Asuncion said...

i guess you enjoyed your visit at Burgoo! that's good to read!
oh, and your photos make me drool, always!

Gita Asuncion said...

but i still think theyre a pricey for comfort, hahaha...

Guia Obsum said...

Thanks Gita, and yes they are. :)

peachkins said...

I love how passionate you are in describing those food! I can almost taste them...

Guia Obsum said...

Thanks so much Peach! :)

[pinkc00kies] said...

made me hungry!

angsarap said...

Last 2 weeks ago I posted a burgoo recipe because I remembered this restaurant, love that stew.

Guia Obsum said...

@angsarap: I actually came to know about Burgoo the food from that post of yours, hehe! :)

Ming Andrada said...

They are pricey but worthy :) I love Burgoo too! You should taste Aussie Burger in Murray and D'vine in Serendra too! The only heart-shaped burger in the Philippines ;)

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