Happy? Lemon

Happy? Lemon

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Lemon green teas
Is it just me or is the hype behind this just only that... a hype?

Happy Lemon shop
It took a long time before I finally got around to giving Happy Lemon a try. All the positive raves I was reading help built such high expectations from the cold tea shop -- expectations that were disappointingly not met.

Happy Lemon Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese
I ordered the ever famous Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (P80). I plunged my straw and took a sip and my mouth was greeted with cold blandness. A couple of stirs and poking of the powdered green tea atop the thick cheesy cream later, I finally got to taste the rock salt and cheese flavor which painted images of eating oysters on a bed of sodium chloride. This is it? I thought. It was the anticlimax of my heightened anticipation. It wasn't so bad, but I didn't find it that good either. Maybe the one with cocoa would better suit my taste?

Happy Lemon Mango Green Tea
Another letdown was the Mango Green Tea (P65). In all honesty, I have a hankering for coffee more than I do for tea. But still, it was just one big, sour taste. The mango lacked the sweetness that could somehow bring balance to the slightly bitter taste of green tea; instead it just imparted a flavor that bordered on acerbic.

Maybe I ordered the wrong drinks, perhaps there must be at least one or two others that would satisfy my preference. And I'm not saying I won't give it another go. But I suppose, until I find myself lining up again in their shop and discovering my "aha!" drink, I'd take Serenitea any day. Maybe you could suggest other flavors I could try?

Happy Lemon
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[pinkc00kies] said...

i still havent tried this :( i've tried gong cha's wintermelon milk tea & chatime taro red bean milk tea and it's delish!

Gita Asuncion said...

im glad i didnt try this. i usually wait for blogging friends to review stuff before trying them out for myself. at least sure na objective ang comments.
im happy with quickly na actually.

blankPixels of Certified Foodies said...

Though I love drinking tea at home, I'm not a big fan of milk teas. But, whenever possible, I go for these milk teas instead of soda. I've only tried Cha Time (loved their Taro), Cha Dao (I've gotten better tea infusions from them) and Bon Appetea (they have a ton of choices, but I still love Cha Dao over theirs). I have yet to try Happy Lemon, but yeah, I have high expectations too because of the raves it's been getting. This made me more interested to try them... I wonder if we'd have the same comment on the Green Tea w/ Rock Salt and cheese. ^_^

Nikki Kawaguchi said...

FINALLY! someone who shares my sentiments. The chocolate one was like paying 80 pesos for milo with salt. Total disappointment. I'd have to say, Gong Cha's Wintermelon milk tea all the way.

Guia Obsum said...

Oh yeah, I totally love Gong Cha's Winter Melon Milk Tea. :)

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