FRM Takes Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel

FRM Takes Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Hotel!

Late last year, my whole family went to Hong Kong. It was my kids' first time out of the country, and where better to bring them than to the happiest place on Earth? From preparing all the kids' clothes, vitamins and medicines, to studying the Disneyland map and familiarizing myself with Hong Kong's city center street map and MTR stations, it took several weeks of anxiety and excitement.

When in Hong Kong Disneyland, the best place to stay is either in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or in Disney's Hollywood Hotel, both of which are a few minutes away from the Disneyland Park itself, with available shuttle buses going to and fro every 15 minutes. While the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has a Victorian feel, the latter has a more modern look which I prefer.

Upon checking in, we lingered aimlessly at the lobby since we were early and they were still preparing the rooms. By the elevators stood a brass statue of Mickey Mouse, and nearby was a flat screen TV featuring Disney cartoons with a large audience of laughing children. On the other end of the lobby was a tall Christmas tree with a souvenir shop for its backdrop. We took a peek inside and already my kids were pointing to lots of toys they want to get. Better practice some restraint as it's best to go to the shops in the park first and see if you might find something better; after all, you have more choices there with the copious amount of gift shops. The hotel souvenir shop is for those last-minute things that you weren't able to get inside the park.

We walked past the Chef Mickey restaurant - another reason why I want to stay at the Hollywood Hotel - and a magical coin press machine as we went toward the elevators going up to our rooms. I made a mental note to let my daughters try that before we leave as I remembered my own Disney coins during trips to Disneyland when I was a kid.

I loved our room! It was hip, modern, spacious and exuded a friendly feel with all the Mickey icons around. From the service directory folder with Disney newspaper and stationery, to the quilted fabric and carpet and even toiletries, you sure wouldn't be able to forget that you're in the house of Mouse.

And the view from our room was simply awe-inspiring.

Don't forget to take a look around the hotel grounds. There's a big Hollywood Hotel sign at the far end that's too cool to miss. Oh, and don't forget to pose with a couple of vintage cars just around the back. Their pool area is open to guests, but only if you have swimsuits. Since I hadn't counted on swimming as part of our HK activities, my daughter had to buy a Disney swimsuit from the souvenir shop.

With a number of dining options available, a souvenir shop, a pool area, spectacular grounds, shuttle service, nice and clean rooms plus free WiFi to boot, Disney's Hollywood Hotel sure is worthy of an overnight stay or two.


Guia Obsum said...

Don't worry, I will. Watch out for "eat"! :)

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