Early Bird Breakfast Club Is My New Happy Place

Early Bird Breakfast Club Is My New Happy Place

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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My happy place is defined as a place or space where I find comfort and contentment, apart from my own happy place that I call home.

I find that even if I have a few select favorite restaurants around the metro, it's those that serve breakfast that I seem to have a particular fondness for. And when paired with an ambiance that lets me experience morning bliss---a state of being I can only afford occasionally---it becomes my happy place.

Early Bird Breakfast Club interiors collage

Breakfast used to be a foreign concept to me. Leisurely breakfast, that is. My mornings were usually spent preparing for school when I was young, preparing for work when I got older, and preparing for my family's day when I became a mom and homemaker (not to mention work-at-home-mom, which kind of made things a bit more complicated than they already were). It's the meal that usually took a backseat; a defiance---albeit not by choice---to the ever popular belief that it's the most important one in one's day.

My big breakfast aha! moment came when I met up with some friends one morning at Wildflour. I was early, and as I slowly took in my surroundings, I basked in the solitary refuge that I didn't know I so desperately needed. Now, that's another story, one that I would share soon. But what I wanted to point out was that, on that fateful day, I began to appreciate and revere those sacred hours, and all that came with it -- breakfast food, a detachment from the daily grind, a time for myself---be it for meditation, reflection or whatnot---and peace.

No, I still don't take breakfast every day. If I had my way, I would (read: I don't know how to cook; hence, the current lack of household help leaves me not much of a choice). I, however, am on a constant look out for nice breakfast places out there. Somewhere I could run to, when the brouhaha of real life starts to take a toll on me.

Early Bird Breakfast Club facade

Unfortunately, run is not something I could always do in a snap of a finger, not when a huge chunk of my mornings must be spent on my family, household and work. Ahh, the sacrifices of motherhood. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love my life and all the idiosyncracies that come with it. But I do realize, or rather, have realized (if I'm to be honest with myself) the importance of unfastening yourself from your seemingly urgent activities in order to reprioritize what is important. And what better way to regain your focus than having a damn good meal--specifically, breakfast; and if I can't have it in the morning, then noon, afternoon or evening would have to suffice. So when I saw this beautiful haven that serves all-day breakfast dishes on a friend's Facebook newsfeed, I knew I had to visit it ASAP.

Early Bird Breakfast Club blue wall

As soon as I stepped into the Early Bird Breakfast Club, I suddenly believed in love at first sight. The bright morning sun flooded through the picture windows as I stood transfixed, for a couple of seconds, by the huge blue-and-white mural to my right. Across were mirrors, making the place look brighter than it already was, and the high ceiling didn't hurt either.

Early Bird Breakfast Club nook
A nice spot for coffee and a good book, just right after breakfast.

Early Bird Breakfast Club dining table

I scouted out the place as I settled on the wooden table to my left. I was smitten! Definitely smitten. Splashes of vintage-like pastels of blue, salmon pink and yellow adorned the upholstery and interiors. I loved everything from the logo, to the colors and the theme, to the overall look of the place. I could literally stay here all day!

Early Bird Breakfast Club place mat

Even the typography and color scheme of the menu met my approval. Save for the waitstaff who could probably use a bit more dose of cheerfulness, I love the aura of this club, err, restaurant. Please let me be a member... pretty please?? Or better yet, please open a branch in the South---Alabang, to be more exact---pretty, pretty please??

Early Bird Breakfast Club egg logo
Love that sunny egg logo. I want to hang it in my room and make it my night light. Though I think my husband would disapprove.

I had a hard time choosing what to order. Everything that echoed through my mind as I perused the menu conjured up fancy images of what the dishes might look like. There's the Adobo Sunrise, which I saw on their Facebook page; a towering heap of adobo flakes on top of rice with an omelette ribbon for a belt. Then there's the French Toast Fondue, which if I remembered correctly, consists of French Toast bread sticks that come with three types of dips ensconced in three empty eggshells. The Early Bird Signature Pancakes with its fruit-infused cream and Vermont maple syrup certainly sounded tempting, but I was hankering for something savory.

I finally went for the Tenderloin Tapa.

"How would you like your eggs, Ma'am?" the waiter asked politely.

"Sunny-side up with a runny egg yolk," I answered with a smile.

Early Bird Breakfast Club Tenderloin Tapa 2

And would you just look at that.

That is what perfect mornings are made of.

Early Bird Breakfast Club Tenderloin Tapa
Tenderloin Tapa (P375)

The beef tenderloin was bathed in a sweet marinade. They even made good on their promise to have it really tender. And oh, that yolk, that gorgeous golden orb just flowed silkily as I poked on its center with my fork, much like the break of dawn. I cut a piece with my knife and a soothing sensation enveloped me as my mouth closed in on it. I heard a trail of hushed whispers of all things good, and dreamy, cooing noises. Then I reverted back to reality as I realized that was me.

Early Bird Breakfast Club Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Orange Juice (P135)

I can't believe that even their Fresh Orange Juice tasted great. I abhor those strong, acidic types, usually a staple in airline food, which just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. This, on the other hand, tasted as fresh as it gets. Which is what I prefer... and love. The heavens must be smiling down on me.

Early Bird Breakfast Club Viva Longganisa
Viva Longganisa (P345)

Their Viva Longganisa was a nice take on one of the popular local brekkie dishes. Four pieces lay hidden beneath the egg, their skin glistening against the sunlight. A bit of a kick takes you by surprise before a caress of sweetness takes over, and you suddenly wonder if you were just imagining it. So I say, a second or third bite is in order. Heck, take two pieces if you can get away with it, like I did when my mom wasn't looking.

Early Bird Breakfast Club Choco Banana Berry French Toast 2
Choco Banana Berry French Toast (P295)

I love French Toast. I adore French Toast. But anything with Nutella makes me think twice (as I've said quite a number of times before, I have a savory/salty tooth instead of a sweet one). My daughter is quite the opposite. She could eat a Nutella sandwich every day, and would, if it were up to her.

But still, it was French Toast. French Toast! How could I pass up on French Toast?!

Stubbornness took over and I got myself a bite. Mmmm... It wasn't sickeningly sweet as I feared. I liked the touch of blueberries, albeit the bananas were a bit lost on me. Then I got another, splashed it up with an abundance of cream, then took another bite. And another. And the rest was history (in more ways than one).

Early Bird Breakfast Club interiors
My happy place...

It was a bittersweet ending as I pondered on when my next meal here would be. There are a lot more dishes and drinks I'm excited to try.  Let's see... there's the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for grilled cheese sandwich as much as I am for french toast?), the Early Bird Croque Madame and Eggs Benedict are on my bucket list as well. And let's not forget the Yin and Yang Champorado which sounds pretty cool, and the Chocolate and Whisky Torte that really piques my curiosity. I haven't even begun to mention the drinks; maybe I will try that Nutella Hot Chocolate and steal a sip of the Babycino if my baby gets one. I really do hope they open a branch down South soon.

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Spot: Unit C Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg., The Fort Complex, 28th St., Bonifacio Global City
Contact No.: 470.8847 (When I went there, though, they said this is not yet in use. At least not in the store.)
Webiste: earlybirdbreakfastclub.com
Facebook: facebook.com/earlybirdbreakfastclub
Instagram: @earlybirdbreakfastclub
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 7 AM - 10 PM and Friday to Saturday Open 24 Hours


michymichymoo said...

Now I'm super hungry. :( I love breakfast! :)

Guia Obsum said...

Michy!!! You should try this! You'll love it! :)

MrsMartinez said...

Oh I was there a few weeks ago. I love their food especially the presentation. Next time, try French Toast Fondue. I think you will like it ; )


Guia Obsum said...

I think so, too. Thanks Michelle! :)

Kero said...

simple menu yet lovely presentation in an even cozier, pretty environment. Thank you for the idea. I am currently looking for Valentine breakfast ideas. This is worth checking out =)

Guia Obsum said...

This is really such a good place for breakfast. :)

Sumi Go said...

Gah! You're making me drool, ate Guia! I don't normally eat breakfast too, but I'd love to regularly have it if I had the time and cooking skills. OR, if I were living near BGC :( Anyway, I'll make sure to visit Early Bird Breakfast Club soon. Everything looks sooooo delish!

Guia Obsum said...

Gaaahh!! Sumi!! Don't call me ate Guia, you're making me look old! Hahaha! :)

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