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Suzukin BF Branch

Suzukin BF Branch

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pin It After a long wait, our lunch at Suzukin's BF branch was highly disappointing. It didn't measure up to its Kamagong counterpart, and it was sad knowing that we still have to traverse a highly populated highway just to get a taste of the original dining experience we have come to love.

The restaurant was nice and clean, although it lacks a homey feel. I was slightly surprised to see it empty of dining customers. I heard that during its opening season, the place was always packed especially during lunch time. My eyes have not witnessed that statement.
Suzukin interior
As soon as we sat down at our table, our waitress - the bearer of bad news - informed us that the Oyster Butter and Tuna Sashimi were not available. Great! It was the main reason we decided to eat here. What a nice way to make a lasting dining impression.

We were already hungry and so we resisted the urge to get up and leave and instead, ordered anyway. Their California Maki (P168) was the usual crab meat, mango, cucumber, ebiko and sushi rice rolled in nori with special mayo. Not the best Ive had, but not the worst either.
Suzukin california maki
You can order their Ebi Tempura (P160) Teishoku (P200) style which comes already with rice and soup, together with 5 pcs. of deep fried shrimps. The tempura was a bit dry and short on flavor. The breading made up the majority of the taste.
Suzukin miso soup
Suzukin tempura
Their Beef Garlic (P142) was delicious, it was always one of my favorites. Though I wish they wouldn't skimp on the serving amount. The thinly sliced beef stew wouldn't even be enough for one hungry person. This doesn't come with rice, we just opted to order some fried rice to fill our stomachs.
Suzukin beef garlic
Suzukin fried rice
We also wanted to try their Sukiyaki (P175). Thinly sliced beef with tofu and mixed vegetables in sotanghon rice wine soup. At this point, I wasn't surprised to find it bland. It wasn't presented well, no fusion of colors from meat and different vegetables. The aluminum container even looked like it had gone straight from the stove top to our table, with no one bothering to transfer it to a presentable serving soup bowl.
Suzukin sukiyaki
Their Gyudon (P129), composed of thinly sliced beef with sotanghon and beaten egg on rice was yet another letdown. It was deficient in taste, the whole meal made me want to cry. I had waited for months to try this place. I'm not sure if they were just having an off day but I guess the empty tables during lunch hour would have to account for something.
Suzukin gyudon
We had to force the food down with some drinks. It wasn't entirely bad... if you had no expectation whatsoever and have had no previous dining experience with its flagship restaurant.
Suzukin drinks
With the BF branch's replication of Makati's falling short of expectation -- though the ambience was better, the food presentation and taste proves to be more important in this case -- safe but sad to say, I won't be revisiting this Southern branch for a while.

Spot: A. Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque City (near J. Elizalde St.)

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mrslavendula said...

gosh, such a waste of otherwise delicious dishes!
well, we cant win them all =)
thanx for adding me to your blog roll and for the tips for our next visit to salcedo market. you know i would have never thought the barbecue place there was inengs! theres one in market market and i would have passed by it not knowing their meat was delicous!

Bittersweet said...


Just curious, is Suzukin BF owned by the same people from Kamagong?


Bittersweet said...


Just curious, is Suzukin BF owned by the same people from Kamagong?


mommytaf said...

I love california maki. when i was pregnant, i always crave for california maki. yum..yum..

BOGCESS said...

Hi! I bought my own domain and changed it from to
Kindly update your blogroll.
Thanks and GODBLESS!


Gita Asuncion said...

thanks for sharing this... we almost dined here on my birthday the other night.. buti na lang i was able to read your post.... thanks! we enjoyed A Venetto instead. mwah!

dyosa said...

Haven't been to BF in a long time. Sad to find out about your dining experience at this resto. That's the downside of having another branch, consistency. I hope they'll get to read this and fix their food prep and handling. Thanks for the info! :-)

gourmandtales said...

too bad, was looking forward to eat here pa naman.,

tempuraboy said...

First time i went there the service was pretty bad but i went there recently it seemed to have improved. I tried out my favorite combination of yakameshi and tempura plus beef garlic. My sister told me the oyster butter was awesome! Its really cheap you cant have everything hahaha but for the food its worth it :D

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