Tempura Revisited

Tempura Revisited

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I had previously done a post about Tempura around 3 months back. I just wanted to share a bit of my dining experience with a few more menu items. Let's start off with some maki.

Seeing as they had new selections of rolled sushi, I decided to deviate from my usual California Maki and order a Caterpillar Roll (P140) instead. Rolled maki with unagi (eel), Philadelphia cream cheese and mango strips. It was so-so, the cream cheese drowned out the unagi and I couldn't quite taste the mango.
Tempura caterpillar roll
Next was Uncle Sam's Maki (P180). Rolled maki with shrimp, Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber strips and mango topped with bacon and mayo. Even if the cream cheese overpowered the shrimp, having the crunchy bacon helps balance the meat with the cream.
Tempura uncle sam's maki
The Hawaiian Maki (P135) was my favorite among the three. Maki with pineapple chunks and spicy crunchy salmon bits. The crunchiness of the salmon bits and the creaminess of the mayo makes for an interesting, but tasty fusion of textures in your mouth. No overbearing cream cheese this time so you're sure to taste every bit of flavor.
Tempura hawaiian maki
This next type of maki isn't actually under the Sushi/Maki selection, but is under the Appetizers. It's Tori Chizu Maki (P150). Deep-fried breaded chicken fillet filled with Philadelphia cream cheese, asupara and carrots. Again, as much as I like cream cheese, they put this dairy way too much on their food. I can't even taste the chicken. I know there is because I can feel my teeth grinding on some meat, but I can't be too sure. I wish they'd ease up on the cream cheese to bring out more flavors for the palate.
Tempura tori chizu maki
For the main course, we had the Ebi Tempura 3 pcs. (P170) 5 pcs. (P250) 8 pcs (P395). Deep fried tiger prawns in crispy batter. Their version of the breaded shrimp is as good as it gets. It's even fortified with Omega-3 to promote a healthy heart.
Tempura ebi tempura 5pcs
There's also the Tori Teriyaki (P170). Grilled boneless chicken leg with sumptuous teriyaki sauce. If you prefer sweet sauces, I say go for the teriyaki variety of the meats. If you'd rather have stir-fried meat with lots of bean sprouts, go with the teppanyaki. This dish is nothing extra ordinary though, it's just your safe I'm-not-in-the-mood-to-risk-trying-something-new dining choice.
Tempura tori teriyaki
The Spareribs Sansho Yaki (P225) is grilled spareribs cooked in house specialty sauce served with vegetables and sprinkled with Japanese pepper. I appreciate the tenderness of the meat complemented by sporadic portions of fat. Although a bit chewy, it does not wedge itself in between your teeth. The sauce is a bit too flavorful, be careful not to drench the meat too much.
Tempura spareribs
The Unagidon (P255) is teriyaki style grilled eel topped on rice. Personally I like this dish because I love Unagi sushi, and having a generous amount of that in a bowl makes me drift away to sushi heaven. The eel is tender, soft and almost melts in your mouth.
Tempura unagidon
The Buta Shogayakidon (P160), on the other hand, is pork strips with lightly gingered Japanese soy sauce topped on rice. This rice toppings lacked flavor. The pork strips were a bit rubbery. I guess I should have known the second I saw that the menu picture was more appetizing than its actual counterpart, this dish is not worth a second try.
Tempura buta shogayakidon
I love, love their Sukiyaki (P250). Sukiyaki sliced beef tenderloin with mushroom, tofu, vegetables and vermicelli in sukiyaki soup. This is good for two people. I like how they achieve the right amount of sweetness for the soup. Generous amounts of meat and vegetables adds to the value-for-money attribute of this viand.
Tempura sukiyaki
Aside from softdrinks and iced teas, Tempura also offers shakes like this Banana Nut Shake (P65). Other flavors are Mango, Watermelon and Four Seasons.
Tempura shake
Spot: Ground Floor, Cinema Area, Alabang Town Center
Telephone: +632 8502136 / +632 8501273


Ms. Foodie said...

I love Japanese food! I just had dinner and after seeing all these, I'm starting to get hungry again. YUMMY!

francis said...

Another thumbs up for a great photo posted by you. Hope I can try all of those.

sasha said...

Grabe sa totoo lang whenever I visit your blog to drop cards, I leave with only one thing in my mind, to run to the nearest resto that you featured! I love your food posts talaga :)

Alam mo I suggest you make a food blog na. As in puro food lang. I am sure you will be bombarded with requests for resto reviews! :)

TH said...

got tagged for you!

maggie said...

grabe, nakakagutom naman dito sa blog mo. how many persons ate this with you? dami eh.

anya said...

may iba pa ba branches ang tempura? masyado malayo ang alabang sa location ko eh. thanks in advance.

entrepgirl said...

maggie: there were about 5 people who ate all these. :)

anya: i think they have branches in Greenhills, Makati Ave., Tomas Morato, United Nations, and SM Mall of Asia.

mrslavendula said...

i love sukiyaki! and your description seems like the one im looking for! i guess tempura is the next place to go...
great pics!!

Sushi Freak said...

The Hawaiian Maki looks amazing. The world would be a better place with more furikake.

Cielo said...

nagutom talaga ako...love ko tlg ang makiiiiiiiii

mommytaf said...

Pinaglilihihan ko itong tempura for almost a month na. Till now, I've been dreaming of going to Manila to eat tempura..... yumyum...

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