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C2 Classic Cuisine

C2 Classic Cuisine

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pin It Classic Cuisine Kare-Kareng Baka
Classic meets modern in these "twisted" versions of Filipino favorites.

Classic Cuisine facade
It was an endless topic of debate (?), more like everyone passing to the other the onerous task of deciding where to eat. As soon as everyone has voiced out their inconclusive replies, I watch as all eyes lay suddenly on me. Wanting to avoid the dinner crowd in Power Plant Mall's strip of restaurants at the ground floor, I scouted the 2nd level for dining options. Aha! An uncrowded place nestled in a slightly hidden corner, away from the exploratory gazes of hungry diners. We decided to station ourselves in a table outside C2, and a few minutes after settling in our seats, the place began to fill up. So much for a peaceful meal.

Classic Cuisine menu
When dining out, we always try to steer clear of dishes that can be easily cooked at home, so you could hear silence as everyone was studying the menu intently. Aside from the modern twist in the description of some viands, the suggestive pricey ones made you conjure up thoughts of equally expensive and quality dictated ingredients that will certainly compensate for the dent in your pocket.

Classic Cuisine Aligue Rice
When the waiter placed the bowl of Aligue Rice (P125) atop the table, I was brimming with excitement. Loud orange painted each grain of rice, and my thoughts filled with visions of tasty crab fat, my taste buds in anticipation of the same. But apparently, looks can be quite deceiving as I take in a spoonful of the rice. My shoulders slumped as my mouth reluctantly swallowed the grains that tasted more like java rice than that of aligue.

Classic Cuisine Kare-Kareng Baka 2
Sadly enough, the failed rice proved to be a premonition for the rest of the meal. The instant the waiter laid down the big bowl of Kare-Kareng Baka (P485), I wanted to cry. For the price, I expected generous amounts of ingredients particularly the meat, not a bowl of dull colored sauce with a heaping of vegetables. I raked the veggies to one side hoping to uncover treasures of beef underneath. I was rewarded with a couple of pieces of meat, tripe and fat. Certainly not enough for 3-4 people as the waiter had earlier said.

Classic Cuisine Walastik
The Walastik (P385) was C2's version of Bistek Tagalog. Dry, bitter greens plated on a corner, onion rings piled on the other side, and there sitting on the center was the beef, pork and (silly me for overlooking it in the description) liver! The beef that I got to taste has that nice zesty flavor of salty beef steak sauce. But the liver was another story. Oh, I hate liver. I don't like liver. I don't eat liver. That's one food that's up there in my 'do not eat' list, together with sisiw ng balut and vienna sausage. One bite of the abhorrent meat under the guise of its neighboring beef squashing between my teeth was enough. Lest I find myself replicating the unappetizing ordeal, I turned to the onion rings instead. The crunch was surprisingly nice and the sweet piece of onion inside was a gentle comfort to my disappointing meal. The dipping sauce on the side had a strong kick which definitely added character to the onions.

Classic Cuisine Pinakbet at Bagnet
I had high hopes for the Pinakbet at Bagnet (P275). More than anything, I wanted this dish to salvage my C2 dining experience. No such luck, it seems that the gustatory gods were playing a trick on me that night. The pieces of bagnet were fine, the crispy skin echoes of a lovely crunch, an evidence of how it was cooked properly and right. The vegetables were decent enough, which is more than I can say of the sauce. The sharp, salty taste suddenly overpowered the pork and veggies that I was chewing on. Instead of encouraging you to take in more bites, I just tried to rampantly wash away the brackish taste.

Classic Cuisine Pandan Iced Tea
The Pandan Iced Tea (P70 glass; P180 carafe) was a much needed way of cleansing the palate of our disconcerting dinner. I drowned my sorrows literally in a couple of glasses and just couldn't accept that we had made poor dish choices. But I wasn't giving up on Classic Cuisine just yet. I heard praises for Crispy Ribs Sinigang, Sisig Rice and Bibingka Souffle so I'll be back.

Classic Cuisine
Spot: 2nd Floor Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Contact No.: 897.8113
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Anonymous said...

That pinakbet and bagnet combo looks so good! drool.....

i♥pinkc00kies said...

wanna try c2!

J said...

Have been there at C2 a long, long time ago... I am surprised at how much they jacked up their prices.

Gita Asuncion said...

i think their prices are pretty steep, considering that they are offering native dishes with locally available ingredients. mahal ha!
i cook a mean pakbet at home for only 40php! really!

Guia Obsum said...

@J and @gita: yeah, i was really expecting a lot looking at their prices and was disappointed that they didn't deliver.

The Average Jane said...

C2's the best! I always order the Chicken binatol -- tinola with a twist! =)

Anonymous said...

The Food is great... we will definitely comeback there... and the prices i think it's a little bit cheaper comparing to other restaurants.... the first time got there a little bit surprised the food served for 2 to 3 person... ^_^

gate crash said...

I received a discount voucher for C2, it's for unlimited crispy pata with other dishes on the side atP488. I called C2 to ask for how many people the voucher is and the person said its only for one. I can understand the price for a buffet (although now a days there are other buffets out there with similar prices and not on promo - and to think C2's menu are locally inspired dishes) - but unlimited crispy pata for one? Who in the world eats crispy pata by themselves? unless they are suicidal... just saying... it's a waste of money.

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