Another Taste of Las Paellas

Another Taste of Las Paellas

Friday, January 16, 2009

I know I've done a review of some dishes from Las Paellas, but let me share with you a few more. Let's start off with the Roasted Black Angus (P195). Slices of roasted black Angus beef topped with mushroom gravy sauce. I was hesitant to order this as I was imagining something similar to Heaven and Eggs' Angus Tapa, which recently went from tender and perfectly cooked to hard and rubbery, along with their change of ambience. My mom, on the other hand, was brave enough to risk it. Smart move. The beef was thinly sliced, it was so tender, it could have melted in your mouth.
Las Paellas angus tapa
Another beef viand is the Salpicao (P245) for sharing (P395). Grilled beef tenderloin chunks in garlic sauce. This one was also good, not too garlicky given the garlic chips scattered all over. Just like what we can expect from a good old Salpicao recipe.
Las Paellas salpicao
For the dessert, we had a slice of Canonego (P75). Light and delectable merange dessert with custard sauce. I love this cake, it's actually the same white part that you see from Brazo de Mercedes (the only part I eat -- I give the sweet, yellow portion to my mom). Plus, it's dredged in caramel and a little rum, topped off with cherry.
Las Paellas canonigo
And for all these delectable dishes that have traversed our digestive system, the best beverage to wash it all down...Iced Tea.
Las Paellas iced tea
Las Paellas
Spot: Promenade Entrance Festival Mall, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang (across Starbucks)
Telephone: +632 842.6919

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