This Little Piggy Went to Salcedo Market

This Little Piggy Went to Salcedo Market

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My mom's maid recently left. And that could only mean one thing, it's back to take out food and home deliveries in my parents' household (like me, my mom does not cook, unlike me though, she knows how, but it's her least favorite chore which would explain the family's adaptable palate for non-homemade food). After days of enduring the all-too-familiar fast food and restaurant meals, we decided to visit the Saturday Salcedo Food Market to get a whiff of something unfamiliar, at least in the several months since we've last visited.
Salcedo La Cuisine

Salcedo Rafik

Salcedo Kashmir

Salcedo food
The Salcedo Market offers a melting pot of home cooked meals, sweet desserts, fresh fruits and vegetable produce, flowers and plants, baskets and wooden home decors. You'd have to be prepared with cash though, as with summer time accessories (sunglasses, caps, fans and umbrellas if you will). It's a bit hot walking around after you tire yourself in getting a much elusive parking space -- mainly due to the fact that the popularity of the Salcedo Market has extended way beyond the area's residents. You will see a diverse crowd, from the locals sporting shorts and slippers to the weekly pilgrims clad in jeans and summer dresses.
Salcedo produce

Salcedo plants

Salcedo baskets

Salcedo cotton candy

Some of my favorites are:

1. Joy's Swiss Ham - Their ham is tender and with the right balance of meat and fat. Plus, a super plus, their sauce is really good. Right amount of sweetness and blends well with the ham's flavor. If you can't finish it, just store both the ham and sauce in the freezer (but I can finish a half kilo in one sitting, it's that good). You need not worry, the sauce maintains its flavor, just heat it up together with the ham and you'll get the same sweet goodness. The half kilo goes for P400 but totally worth every peso. You can also see them in bazaars like the American Women's Bazaar held monthly at the World Trade Center.
Salcedo Joys ham poster

Salcedo hamon
Joy's Swiss Ham
Spot: Salcedo Food Market, American Women's Bazaar in World Trade Center
Telephone: +632 524.2891
Cellphone: +0920 902.6322 / +0919 466.7769

2. Ineng's Barbeque - Their barbeque is not really out of this world, but yummy just the same. They're meatier, more tender and chewy than the ones sold on the streets, and the fat complements the meat without the i'm-gonna-be-sick-with-cholesterol feeling. Ineng's actually has a branch in Alabang Town Center, near Red Ribbon. They also have other branches in different malls.
Salcedo Inengs

Salcedo Inengs bbq
Ineng's Barbeque
Spot: Salcedo Food Market, Alabang Town Center
Telephone: +632 771.2006

3. Ninak - It's "kanin" spelled backwards and so you can now very well guess their specialty. I first came across Ninak in Northgate Cyberzone, Alabang (sadly, they're now closed). My hubby raved about the place and brought us there so I can try it out myself. I was not disappointed. I loved their Crispy Beef Belly. It may look dry and flaky, but once you sink your teeth in it, you will appreciate its soft and chewy texture. The sweet soy sauce and the singkamas on the side definitely adds brownie points. But their best dish is the Tinapa Rice (P150), which I've first tried here in Salcedo. A single order can feed 2-3 people. It's a dish well appreciated by the sense of sight, smell and taste. Forgive me though, the smell of it as I opened the container made the thought of taking a shot of it and posting it here vanish altogether. I instantly devoured my share, totally forgetting about my Tinapa-Rice-pictureless blog.
Salcedo Ninak

Salcedo Ninak food
Added Note:
After talking with Ninak's crew, I found out that the owners are the same ones as Brothers Burger's.

4. Packed Lunch- Okay, so it's not really named as such. I've just baptized it with that term because first, I don't know the name of their stall, all those food made me forget to ask and look for their banner. Second, because the owner (not sure if Chinese but has Oriental features and skin color) always asks me if I want to avail of the packed lunch, which is you get to choose any 2 among all the viands displayed on the table (which are mostly homemade Filipino food), plus rice for a whopping total of... only P100. I love this stall because their food is great, their prices are easy on the pocket, and they heap a generous amount of food into each container, much unlike others who measure scantily each serving.
Salcedo packed lunch
Added Note:
I did my research and found out that the name of this food stall is Shang Express. They still have no banner, but they're usually located near the Leviste St. entrance of the food market. Aside from their weekly stint in Salcedo, they also do catering.

Shang Express Catering
Contact Person: William C. Pascual
Cellphone: +63927 979.6811
Telephone: +632 721.1949

5. Manong's Inihaw na Bangus - Again, a stall name I failed to question but with yummy food nevertheless. More specifically, Inihaw na Bangus (P120). Just look for the guy in the picture, he's the one who always mans the stall. You might wanna look for him initially during your food trip and reserve your bangus first because sometimes, it's not yet ready. Grilling time is about 10-15 minutes better wasted walking around the area, scouring for other delectable dishes.
Salcedo inihaw bangus
A trip to Salcedo Market is one experience people, especially foodies, will enjoy doing every weekend. The marriage of different cuisines and world specialties in one location will leave your stomach -- and eyes -- full and very much satisfied.

Salcedo Market
Spot: Jaime Velasquez open parking lot (right across One Salcedo and Three Salcedo Place) between Tordesillas and Leviste Sts. Salcedo Village, Makati
Operating Hours: Saturdays 7am - 2pm

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sasha said...

I really like going to this kind of market. I go for the food! Hehehe... For some reason, food in places like these are more delicious than the ones from the restaurants :)

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

I always want to go to Salcedo Market but it's too far from where I live. But the photos from bloggers like you makes me really excited and all.

Shalum said...

I like going there too. Foodies like us get a high from such a place. Hehe

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