Sauntering Down Bonifacio High Street (Part 2: Lego Christmas Land)


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Sauntering Down Bonifacio High Street (Part 2: Lego Christmas Land)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The main reason for our High Street visit: the Lego Christmas Land, a fund raising exhibit for UNICEF and World Vision. I learned about this exhibit from Anton Diaz. When I saw this at his blog, I remembered the pictures of my mom in Lego Land in the US. I just had to bring my daughter to Lego Christmas Land, if not yet to the original Lego Land.

For fear that publishing all the photos would entail a very long post, I had made a collage instead.
Lego Island collage big 1
Lego Island collage big 2
Here are my favorite shots:
Lego Island 208
Leavin' on a Jet Plane
Lego Island 209
A Congregation of Sorts
Lego Island 239
Lost in "Face"
Lego Island 210
Little Christmas Tree
Lego Island 240
Santa, Lost in the Woods

The exhibit will be open until January. Entrance is free but if you want to donate, you are more than welcome. All proceeds will be for the benefit of UNICEF and World Vision to aid in their efforts to help the Filipino children.

3 Ways to Join the Lego Christmas Land fund raising project (click picture to view a larger image):
  • For every P300 cash donation, you get one (1) raffle entry and the chance to build with a bucket full of LEGO bricks (only you don't get to bring it home).
  • For every P200 cash donation, you can get and build your own LEGO mini Santa Claus or Christmas tree (which you CAN take home).
  • For every P50 cash donation, you get a chance to guess the number of LEGO mini Santa Claus in the Christmas Land.
Lego Christmas Land
Spot: Bonifacio High Street (in front of Hobbes and Landes)
Operating Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 12nn - 9pm
Fridays to Saturdays 12nn - 11pm


Vera said...

That area is foreign to me because I live up north - aka QC! Haha :) But Bonifacio High Street must be a shopper's haven. I should find time to visit.

Awesome photos!

Gita Asuncion said...

thanks for sharing this. my hubby and i might go see this. is taking pictures ok?

sasha said...

Ang cute naman! I remember my grandpa has this Lego collection in the ancestral house that he made into a ship. Andun pa rin the last time I checked. Adik ako diyan when I was a kid. Nakakalibang bumuo :)

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