Manang's Chicken - The New Pinoy Fried Chicken
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Manang's Chicken - The New Pinoy Fried Chicken

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food Reviews Manila Manang's Chicken Original Wings
A new breed of fried chicken has slowly been pervading the market...

Food Reviews Manila Manang's Chicken menu board
Manang's chicken originated from the owner's family cook (hence the name), who created this double deep fried variation with a secret soy garlic sauce. When they opened in Mercato Centrale, it became an instant hit.

Food Reviews Manila Manang's Chicken Wings
Manang's has the crispy goodness you look for in a fried chicken. I wanted to try the wings since I have a proclivity for dark meat and the wings are prone to be most sauce-penetrated part. As I await my order, I see a few pieces of freshly fried chicken with small shards of skin cracked and peeled off as they lay with their excess oil dripping, eagerly waiting for their next satisfied consumer.

Food Reviews Manila Manang's Chicken sauces
I chose the original and the mild spicy sauce, though there's the hot and spicy too. As the crew effused the sauce onto the chicken, I felt myself drowning in a scent so savory and inviting, it took an amount of self-control to restrain myself from grabbing a piece right then and there.

Food Reviews Manila Manang's Chicken Mild Spicy Wings
An echoing crunch preludes a sweet taste, quite uncommon for a fried chicken, then a tincture of spicy flavor dabs the tongue, with just the right note to give it some layer. In between bites, I feel dots of sesame seeds  sprinkled intermittently for added texture. I realize I like the Original for its sweet soy taste but I prefer the Mild Spicy as it evades a monotonous sapidity. Best eaten sans the utensils, I nibble on the skin, through the meat all the way to the bone, unaware of how unladylike I must appear. I daintily (not!) lick my fingers, smack the tips dry, and a smile escape my lips. A feeling of satisfaction enshrouds my satiated self. I'd lick the sauce off the styro if it weren't for the weird looks from my family. Good work, Manang!

Manang's Chicken
Spot: Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City
Contact Nos.: 0922-8427759 or 584-8848 (Ortigas) and 921-5907 (Katipunan)


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