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Heavenly Sinful Addictions From the Grocery

Heavenly Sinful Addictions From the Grocery

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pin It This afternoon, I went to Makati Supermarket in Town (ATC). I went straight to the frozen goods section, it was definitely a sight to see. Up on the shelf, several bottles of Starbucks were sitting, patiently waiting for me to bring them home. And down below in the freezer, a Selecta Coffee Crumble was shining up on me, beckoning in a hypnotic way. Well, seeing as I had no choice (it was that or an endless fight with my craving self), I gathered a few bottles and the 1.7L can and walked happily to the check out counter.
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Soccer Mom 4.0 said...

You're lucky you can eat as much as you want yet you never seem to gain a pound!

DhoyM said...

Hi Tey, It seems that you really are having a good time over there. Food, family, great places- sabi nga ng DD ko when she was there, Awesome.

nurseabie said...

Coffe crumble is one of the best ice cream I've tasted!hehe. I can't resist eating ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Hay, we have the sinful Starbucks coffee at home as well ;)

Sarap eh!

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