Going Around Town (Part 2: Tempura)

Going Around Town (Part 2: Tempura)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Next stop, a Japanese lunch. A few meters away from the movie house, you will find the Tempura Japanese restaurant, beside Pho Hoa, across Gerry's Grill.
It's concept is similar to Teriyaki Boy, the prices and menu selection are in the same range, but personally, I prefer Tempura than the former.
Here's a look at Tempura's menu. Click on the picture to view a larger image.

I ordered my favorite California Maki, 8pcs of course, all just for me. I wish they'd serve more, I could eat a couple of plates. I love that their Maki's have the white mayo sauce on top. I first came across this style in Bon Appetit, because it used to be that Japanese restaurants served California maki with the mayo spread only inside the maki itself. The added mayo gives more flavor and smoothens the texture for easier swallowing. Their version of the maki is good, really good. I think I want some more.
My daughter wanted chicken and so I ordered the Tori Teriyakidon for her. The sweet sauce of Teriyaki is more pleasing to kids rather than the Teppanyaki. The sauce was fine but the chicken skin was a bit overcooked and my daughter rejected the bitter taste, so I had to remove all the skin and let her eat only the meat. We didn't order much because we wanted enough room for dessert.Tempura
Spot: Ground Floor, Cinema Area, Alabang Town Center
Telephone: +632 8502136 / +632 8501273


gourmandtales said...

i dont know why but i like this place better than T-boy

entrepgirl said...

me too! though it has the same concept, somehow i always find Tempura to be better. :)

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