Going Around Town (Part 1: At the Movies)

Going Around Town (Part 1: At the Movies)

Friday, November 21, 2008

By "Town" I mean, Alabang Town Center. First stop, the movie theaters. This year, they had the cinema lounge renovated, and the outcome was that of a classier, stateside feel.It comes complete with a red carpet gracing the front of the ticket booths. Ticketing is now computerized with screens showing the movie schedule.As for the food, the movie house comes equipped with its own snack bar called Taters. If you don't feel like eating popcorn, there are a lot of other food choices around too.There's good old Smokey's, the best choice to grab a quick take out for the we're-already-late-for-the-movie-but-I-want-something-heavier-than-popcorn type of crowd.There's Oliver's Super Sandwiches for the girlfriends who while away the time, having 15 minutes to spare before the movie starts.If Oliver's is for the women, there's Burger King for the men with big appetites.There's even a Starbucks for the boyfriend who wants a fixer-upper so he can stay awake through the cheesy romantic comedy film his girlfriend blackmailed him to see.The Fuzion is actually for anyone who got more than 15 minutes, not to mention a grumbling stomach, to kill before the film starts rolling.After the movie and you're still hungry, you could always head out to Brooklyn Pizza for some Italian dishes, New York style .Other restaurants in and around the cinema area are Pancake House, Shabu-Shabu, Sugar House, Gerry's Grill, Pho Hoa, Tempura and North Park. With all the eating spots a few steps away, there's no reason to go watch a movie on an empty stomach.


♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

two thumbs up for FUZION and BROOKLYN PIZZA! don't forgert OLIVER's Sandwiches and the CHEF TONY's POPCORN stall nearby :)

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