Suzukin: The Growing Little Japanese Restaurant

Suzukin: The Growing Little Japanese Restaurant

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At the corner of Kamagong St. and Sampaloc St. in Makati, you will see (albeit easy to miss, with the boarded up windows and japanese-like curtains hovering the front door) a small and simple Japanese restaurant known as Suzukin, right across Caltex (you can actually park there, just tell the attendant you'll be eating at Suzukin or you can also park alongside Sampaloc St. where an old man will wait and watch your car while you eat).

Entering the door, you'll be greeted by several waitresses all donning little blue gingham aprons. A few years ago, their menu was hard to miss, simply because each dish was written on colored cartolina paper using a pentel pen or colored marker and was pasted on the walls of the restaurant. It's a quaint and quiet little place but one that serves a delicious Japanese food experience minus the ambiance. Don't let its look fool you though, the place is always crowded especially during lunch time. Despite the little hard wooden stools and the unsophisticated food presentation, people flock to the place for their cheaply priced (compared to other usual Japanese restaurants) but tasty and filling menu selection.

A personal favorite is the Buttered Oysters and the Beef with Garlic. We've been going back for years for their oysters. They don't accept credit cards though, so make sure you have cash at hand. It may seem cheap alright, but a family of four may do a double take when the bill comes and the check goes right up to more than P1,400 (considering you have a few side orders of oysters, sushi, maki, etc.). I wouldn't recommend visiting their restroom or should I say hole in the wall comfort room, lest you want your appetite gone even before the food can be served. It's the most stressful "rest"room, must uncomfortable "comfort" room, and "wash"room without water for washing, you could imagine.

One time that we dined there a few months back, I was surprised that they had a new menu and a new logo (but I noticed that the antique menu wallpaper was still intact). I was more surprised to read a poster near the cashier's counter stating that they would be opening a branch in BF Homes, Paranaque soon. Of course, being a Southern girl, I was elated, thinking that I'm now in close proximity to my buttered oysters. I know they previously had a branch in Mile Long, we ate there once and their prices were more expensive, but they had closed that one down.
Anyway, around last week, while driving through BF Homes particularly in Aguirre Ave., my dad commented about a newly opened restaurant's sign, asking if it's the same one in Kamagong. Looking to where he was pointing, I suddenly saw a familiar name and logo. Why it's Suzukin and it's already here in the South. I remember going past that street even before that day, seeing that restaurant but it must not have registered in my brain until my dad pointed it out. Oh joy! It's here and I'm hoping that I could find the time to head in there and see if they've done a perfect replica of the dishes we have come to love over the years.

Spot: A. Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque City (near J. Elizalde St.)

Spot: 9753 Kamagong cor. Sampaloc St. Makati City
Telephone: +632 8967143

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jan celiz-magtoto said...

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cez said...

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Realtor Cez Mizukoshi
PAREB member

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The unsophisticated food presentation is beatiful!

Anonymous said...

Vincent is the greatest :)

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